Me & My Guild Leader, Valinet

Me & My Guild Leader, Valinet
Me & My Guild Leader, Valinet
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Series Announcement!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Latest Update

Wow soooooo long since update. So it's been crazy the past few months. I've been really busy with school and actually graduated from SFSU with a Bachelors Degree in Biology this past May 2011. I  then went on a two week vacation with my family to the Philippines and really really enjoyed and kicked back finally. I got into play Starcraft 2 thanks to Valinet and I'm loving but I still play World of Warcraft for sure. So I went back to Protection spec for PvE but still PvP as Retribution spec and let me tell you, it's like riding a bike hahaha. I'm looking forward to the new changes in 4.2 being released today!! Yay!! Well that's all for now! :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Serious Update!

Ok so there have been alot of changes that have occurred since my last posting. I am no longer on the Terenas US Server anymore. I have server transfered to Altar of Storms US Server because there was a major lack in server population and activity on the Horde side. I and a few of my other guildies have decided to leave our home in search of a server that would provide much more activity in terms of PvP and PvE. Both Valinet and I are members of a really good guild called Resilience and we've been doing tons of PvP (Arenas, Battle Grounds, World PvP, and will soon begin to do Rated BGs with our new guildies). There have been many changes to Aeonknight as well for he is no longer a Blacksmith/Jewelcrafter rather he's an Transmute Alchemist/Jewelcrafter. I have been PvPing more than PvEing so I've temporarily dropped my tanking specialization for PvE. I PvP Protection in full Retribution gear and have a PvE spec of Retribution just to get my daily Heroic Dungeon to get my Tanking gear... More to come and will try to do more to update this blog with the new changes and new screen shots and hopefully new videos soon.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Aeonknight Update

Hey guys I'm finally back. I know I've been away for too long but I'm back. I've been busy with family over the holidays and the semester has started and it's a bit hectic right now but I'm getting settled and will be able to do a little more with this blog.

So things to look forward to is another video concerning Crucible of Carnage with some of my commentary regarding to applying proper tanking techniques and some funny commentary!!

Thanks for coming to my blog and hope you continue to support me by enjoying the stuff I crank out. So remember...


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Aeonknight Paladin Tank Guide 2 is now on youtube!!

Here it is finally! Hope this helps and if you need more explaination, I will add some text guides for you to read soon!!